Electrical Panel Upgrade-Electrician Pittsburgh PA

Are you considering the electrical panel upgrade in your house? You should first need to see the amount of work you need to do with your panel. Are you facing issues with the faulty wiring of the panel, or is the box’s location inconvenient in some ways? Maybe you have an old house and want to give it a safety check. Based on your needs, you might want to:

  • Upgrade the electrical panel to higher amps (200 or more)
  • Switch from a fuse box to circuit breakers
  • Relocate the whole electrical panel

Let’s see why Electrician Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the best choice for you.

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Services for Electrical Panels


Upgrading Electrical Panel to High Amps:

If you look closely in the panel box, you might see a large breaker separate from others. It will be marked by the amps it supports. If it is marked 80 amps, you should definitely consider upgrading it to a higher amp value because only 80% of the mentioned capacity is actually used while the 20% is for safety purposes. Thus, 80-amp is too low for a house where you will install Air Conditioning Systems, Heating Systems, or more.

By hiring electrical contractors, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will give you a skilled and certified electrician team. The team will perform the electricity safety check for you after they are done with upgrading. With the experienced and licensed Electrician Pittsburgh PA will provide you. You have no reason to worry about safety.


Upgrade to Circuit Breaker Panel:

If you have an old house from your ancestors, they might have fuse boxes installed in the panel instead of Circuit Breaker. However, fuses pose a danger to your family and might not be able to meet your needs.

Electricians in Pittsburgh, PA are skilled enough to install the circuit breakers in your house safely and introduce the ability to expand the panel for the addition of new circuits. Pittsburgh electric services are the best if you are renovating your house.


Relocating the Electrical Panel:

Is the location of the electrical panel inconvenient? Are you planning to remove the wall entirely on which the panel is installed? Or is the panel not placed where it should be? Just get a license and have it relocated. It will be a lot of work, and you will need skilled hands to do it, just like Electrician Pittsburgh PA.

To relocate a panel, your contractors must be certified. Electrician Pittsburgh PA has electricians that are both licensed and certified for this purpose. They will perform all safety checks and follow all codes.

You might want to hire the services according to the location of your work. Pittsburgh, PA, offers you services for every kind of electrical work. You should choose the option best for your needs:

  • Commercial Electrician Pittsburgh PA
  • Residential Electrician Pittsburgh PA

Based on your choice, you will be provided with the best possible electrical contractors that will ensure your safety and the best quality of work.